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Lazy Loading with Angular JS

Download example form here When your project size increases gradually it’s not always possible to include all controllers & dependency libraries at a time. If you do so, then size of the page & loading time will increases. Alternate way is to load controllers, views & dependencies libraries on demand. Unfortunately, Angular.js doesn't come with built-in feature to... Read More

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“Hi, my name is Wade . I am located in Highland, Utah.
We have been using Riaxe for over an year now for custom client management system, Its a custom software application that we created several years ago. We have been constantly enhancing it, we use riaxe for that. we have one programmer that works for us full time, And he does fantastic job. Whenever i ask for diffrent projects, diffrent tasks, I give him a layouts, he goes through it! He asks me the questions that he has, he asks for if he needs anything. He goes in there, gets the job done in our dev site. Checks the backend, make sure if there is no issues within and then he upload in our live site.

____ Wade

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