EBay and Amazon

EBay and Amazon integration is a vital part of every ecommerce web development business. The exquisiteness of this important solution is that all processes that you would usually complete on eBay are flawlessly controlled and executed via one particular interface. There is an ecommerce solution called future ready solutions for Ecommerce. That integrates with Amazon and EBay. This single interface controls many aspects of eBay, for example, stock and order processing, shipping, order fulfillment and payments. Integrating your ecommerce solution into eBay via their API is a precious sales tool and gives you another precious way to market to endorse and sell your products online using the internet.

Riaxe gives you the power to publish items from the eBay system to other web stores like Amazon and Magento with super-fast with limited data entry. Use Riaxe to add or edit web descriptions, SEO tags, assign channel specific web groups, supervise images and pricing for all your ecommerce channels, using just single system. No need update manually the inventory quantities in all your ecommerce systems. Riaxe will synchronize inventory as sales are made placed and fulfilled. Inventory displayed on your ecommerce sites will always be up to date so you’re not selling items you no longer have in stock. Collect all your orders from all your web channels in your eBay web store or decide to have those orders sent to any other channel system you use to manage sales orders. Your web orders are captured in Riaxe too, so you can view, route or split them, sending them to other stores or other systems for fulfillment using a web browser.
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