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Adobe Flex, now known as Apache Flex is a popular software development kit for creating follow cross platform rich internet applications – and ‘Rich Internet Applications’ is in the name of RIAXE Systems. We have been pioneers of flex development in India. Our source flex web application development services have been in use since the last decade. Our design team which consists of experts who are more of artists than regular designers have made us one of the best adobe flex web design companies.

Our flex developers are well versed in ActionScript. Needless to say, but our flex development team is always updated, geared and ready to go.

Apart from RIA, we use flex to work on:

  • CRM system
  • E – Learning systems
  • Document Management systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Seamless integration with MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PHP, ASP.Net, JAVA, XML
  • Video, Music players
  • Widgets
  • Real time a/v streaming applications
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Contact us for the best quality flex web application development services. We offer good value for money tailor made solutions with no hidden costs. You can also Hire Adobe Flex Developer from our highly trained pool of developers.

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