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Riaxe Systems has been an avant-garde in HTML5 Development in India. Our R&D team has experimented successfully on this technology and we have designed and developed beautiful applications and games. We are today one of the watch leading HTML5 outsourcing companies.


HTML5 is the in-thing of web development. HTML5 has brought in so many possibilities which were unheard of with the web before; Responsive, Interactive, Attractive. CSS3 and a series of JavaScript APIs have made it possible for HTML5 developers to create apps and websites for mobile platforms with the same functionality, performance and experience of desktop ones. Not only is HTML5 faster, but it also comes with added layers of security too.


follow url Being cross platform, it is easy to package onto most devices without having to bother about patches and updates for the right version. Hence HTML5 development is an ideal solution for mobile apps. follow url HTML5 web application development has now made cloud computing possible and this is a trend that is believed to be the next big thing in computing. Also HTML5 gives way to utilize GPUs for web applications, so much so that web browsers like Google Chrome is also similarly optimized. Content is increasing becoming graphic oriented and we, at Riaxe are empowered to help you with a dedicated graphic designing team who are artists in truer sense. Games designed on HTML5 are a class apart from its predecessors and our own product, FishBall is a bright example of that.

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Backed by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Facebook, IBM, HP, Adobe, HTML5 is going to change the web scenario very soon. Contact us and let us help you be part of the change.

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