LAMP Development

Open source framework LAMP is the favored choice for developing scale out architecture by control the complete potentials of Web 2.0 applications. The impact of LAMP technologies can be accessed from the fact that the LAMP application programming frameworks nowadays throttle almost 70% of the global internet and are not owned by any particular company rather it is supported and developed by the community of Open Source.

LAMP development framework unlocks many new views for all clients as it does away with licensing restrictions and you can develop and deploy LAMP applications as per your requirements and not according to the way laid down by various expert owners.

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Being open source LAMP technologies are entirely customizable so you can insert or deduct any functionality from the application being developed as per your requirements. In fact, this is the path adopted by Riaxe Systems LAMP development services where our skilled Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP professionals initially comprehend your requirements. On basis of this a detailed data using the LAMP technologies is primed. Next is to carry on with the project details by our Project Managers and their skilled team of development.

Using the customizable features of LAMP we develop entirely robust and scalable applications for your requirements. We have already done thorough research on LAMP technologies and developed our own versions that have been successfully connected for developing custom LAMP applications for our clients. Also with our confirmed proficiency on Apache or Linux technologies we make sure of the utmost returns on all your investments for LAMP. Another advantage of LAMP technology is the trouble-free deployment options it provides. You can just relocate the application to a web server after copying it and most web hosts also give LAMP based environment and even if it does not exist, you can always employ Linux based frameworks.

source url LAMP framework structure decreases the processing time and therefore makes stack deployment simple. It also integrates Apache and PHP in the process, doing away with application server software and also in some cases, the physical server tier also. If you have conflicting hardware platform and need to run LAMP based applications on them then we can convey on these supplies too. LAMP provides fine platform portability and can run pretty well on x86 servers with flexibility and scalability. Also LAMP technology is relatively safe and dependable with instantaneous support from the proficient LAMP development professionals of Riaxe Systems.

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