Riaxe announces brand new AngularJS version of HTML5 Product Design Tool

Bhubaneswar: Riaxe is ready to roll out the product designer tool – the AngularJS version of the HTML5 Product Design Tool. The biggest change is AngularJS. The new tool has been redesigned in AngularJS for better stability and performance. The modular architecture of AngularJS will help in adding new features conveniently. It is responsive for mobile users. The new tool required months of research and development.

The chief additions are:

Word Cloud
Word Cloud is a cool way of decorating custom T-Shirts. The company is highly grateful for the feedback of people from the beta version days. A suggestion in one of the feedbacks has led to the development of this feature. Using Word Cloud, random custom words can be set inside a designed shape as per need. We welcome such suggestions. Please do so on our Twittter or Facebook page. You can also email us about the same.

Text on Path
The company is also introducing a useful and unconventional feature – Text on Path; unconventional because it is not usually found on product design tools. This feature lets the input words follow a pre designed path, for example a text in a heart shape. This feature is expected to be widely used by end users in custom designing t-shirts and other products.

DTG and other print settings
Direct to Garment is a new convenient way of printing on apparel. It is an inkjet printing based technology, and it is easy and digitally controlled like a commercial inkjet printer.DTG offers the advantage of unlimited color options.It also has the ability to print single pieces economically which is not possible in traditional methods like screen printing. Print quality is also good and as the ink gets soaked into the fabric, the print isn’t felt like another layer. The prints do not crack like heat transferred papers. The print fabric is also more breathable, hence allowing a wider print coverage area. Earlier, DTG printers suffered quality issues in printing over dark colored fabric. This has been overcome by modern DTG printers by printing a later of white ink first. DTGs are expected to replace other printing techniques in the future.
The HTML5 T-Shirt Design tool now has proper settings like pricing of area and graphics, colors available and others, for DTG printing.

FreeHand Drawing
FreeHand Drawing tool lets users become artists and draw creativity.

Vector Output
The HTML5 Product Design tool can now output vectors. SVG output is particularly helpful for printing large designs like for banners and billboards.

The tool now includes Theme Switching, Sort and Search, TextFX, Design Ideas, Group-ungroup, Multiple Image Masking, Image API(for social media) and many others.
The company plans to add more features in the future.