Riaxe announces Innoveezion – a joint venture with Glocal IT Solutions

Riaxe is excited to announce the formation of Innoveezion – a joint venture between Riaxe Systems, India and Glocal IT Solutions LLC, Miami, USA. Innoveezion is head quartered at Miami, Florida, USA. The company is having branches in California and Uruguay in South America too. There are plans to set up offices in Europe in the future. The joint venture is looking to scale up in terms of man power and office locations too.

The objective is to provide the best of both continents. The development centre will be in India – the popular IT outsourcing destination providing affordable solutions. The presence of local offices globally will help instill confidence in clients. Riaxe, having worked with global clients like BMW, Coca Cola, Citibank, Milward Insurance, Rock City Club, will be providing its rich technical expertise and Glocal IT Solutions will be the spearhead in marketing and client addressing.

Innonveezion will offer IT services on web, mobile, cloud and augmented reality. Some products of Riaxe will be introduced under the Innoveezion banner. The company is looking to develop incredible solutions on virtual reality. It will be working on Leap Motion and other augmented reality devices. The company will also develop numerous product designer variants of Riaxe’s popular HTML5 T-Shirt Designer application. The joint venture will cover everything from Enterprise level projects to simple mobile apps. The services that will be offered are:


Adobe Flex, Adobe ColdFusion, HTML5, PHP and Java.

iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Cross Platform and BlackBerry.

Adobe AIR, Java.

Optimized cloud solutions on architecture, database, storage, etc.

Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, OS Commerce, and customized solutions.

HTML5, Adobe AIR, Titanium, Marmalade, PhoneGap, Sencha

WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP

iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows and Flash.

Leap Motion and a lot more coming up