Riaxe Launches A New Game – Doraemon Hide and Seek

As promised, Riaxe Systems has unveiled a new fun iPad game – Doraemon Hide and Seek. This has been made in HTML5 – the new most popular platform today. The game comprises of four levels. Doraemon is the central character. Doraemon’s friends – Gian, Nobita,Sizuka and Sunio appear in the fourth level.

As the name suggests, this is a version of the classic hide and seek game. Doraemon hides behind bushes, mountains, holes of a cracked planet, etc. The objective is to catch him by tapping when he resurfaces. Level four offers more challenges. Doraemon’s friends creep up and the objective is to catch Doraemon only. Tapping on any of his friends results in penalty points.

The game is aimed at kids, and families to engage with kids playing this. “We love Doraemon, and we know how much kids love him and hence the new game” – words of the tech lead behind the app. The tech lead reveals that like Doraemon Friends Dress up game, more are being planned by the company on this popular cartoon character. Currently both these games have been launched on the iPad only, but all can be expected soon.
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