Riaxe launches ‘Guess the Voice’ entertainment app

Riaxe is delighted to announce that a new entertainment app has been launched for the holiday season. It is named ‘Guess the Voice’. As is evident from the name, this app plays an audio from a popular movie and the user has to identify the actor who is stating the dialogue from a set of jumbled words.

This app is aimed at both hardcore and amateur movie trivia lovers. Movie quiz apps are very demanding and what sets a good one apart is the quality of research embedded in it – both for content and development. Research was held by the marketing team so as to find out which movie dialogues would appeal to all classes of movie goers. Hence it contains a carefully selected list of movie dialogues ranging all the way from classics to modern cinema age. There are hints to partially reveal the name too when the user finds it too difficult to guess. The app will reveal the movie name and year with a photograph of the actor behind the famed voice.

Since the launch, it has been doing very well – particularly in the US. Movie lovers, quiz fanatics, or simply family and friends can make a good time out of using this. This app has been developed in Marmalade. Marmalade is a popular cross platform framework maker. It delivers brilliant performance as it is low on resources needs. Good audio compression techniques have ensured a smaller footprint, and at the same time it doesn’t compromise on quality.

It is available now on iPad only. The iPhone version is being worked on. Android and other versions can be expected to follow suit in due course. To download ‘Guess the Voice’, go to the iTunes app store and either go to Riaxe Systems page or use this link below.

Get it here