Riaxe launches Learn ABC – an educational app

Riaxe is delighted to announce the launch of Learn ABC – a unique educational app for children. This app is intended to make learning fun for kids in the iPad way. This is the perfect app for parents to teach their toddlers in an interesting and engaging manner. The animation and use of bright colors will appeal to children. There are eight chapters for children to learn in a beautiful graphical manner. They are:

A for…
This is the classic alphabets to pictures matching challenge for kids to learn the naming convention. Fast Learning of alphabets guaranteed.

Match me if you can
A general assorted ‘Match the following’ series of beautiful images of different things and pairs.

Color Color which color?
Colored balls and buckets to match, watch them pop when you answer wrong. This is a game to play and learn colors from.

Listen Carefully
Sounds of animals are played in this chapter and children have to tap on the image of the animal that makes the sound.

Find my Shadow
Shadows of animals are shown on the screen and one has to figure out which animal’s it is. This helps children to empower their visual skills.

Can you count?
This is the numbers game. Here things in different quantity are displayed and one has to guess the number of the product. This is the first step of mathematics.

Please paint me
This is a coloring book. Helps bring out the artist in them. Sticks of various colors are available. One needs to fill in the pre-defined shapes.

This is another important step of learning. Spell-bee chapter shows images of popular things that children find attractive. They have to fill up the alphabets.

It is available on only iPad for the time being. More versions can be expected in the future.

About Riaxe Systems
Riaxe is a leading IT offshore company based in India excelling in web, mobile, desktop and cloud solutions, with special focus on cross platform app development, web designing, e-learning and CMS. Clientele includes BMW, Coca Cola, Citibank, etc. The company also has forayed into making its own products, some of which are very popular on the App Store. Visit us at www.riaxe.com

App store link – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/learn-abc/id797440634?mt=8