Riaxe launches ‘SaiMandir’ spiritual app

Riaxe is delighted to announce that a new spiritual app has been launched. It is named ‘SaiMandir’. As the name indicates, it is an app on the famous religious saint Sai Baba of Shirdi.
The app is intended at followers to worship Baba at Shirdi on their iPads, at their convenience. The app contains all bells and diyas required for performing a puja. As ever, every detail has been taken care of. The objective is to do a proper puja using all six items to get a ‘blessing’ from Baba. The ‘blessing’can be used to unlock many puja items. Apart from the usual Aarti, Kalash, Flowers, Incense Sticks, one can draw their own rangoli at Baba’s footsteps. Baba can be dressed up in different clothing avatars. This is one stop solution for Shirdi at home.

The extensive features list:

– Bells
– Diyas (Lamps)
– Incense Stick stand
– Kalash
– Aarti
– Sankha (Conch Shell)
– Paduka
– MayurPanch (Peacock Feather)
– Sweets (Prasad)
– Flowers
– HavanKund
– Hanging bells
– Hanging Lamps
– Rangoli
– Garlands
– Bhajans (Devotional songs)
– Baba’s clothes

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