WebCropXE – crop any webpage to a desktop widget!

Manchester United vs Arsenal is on, and you are working on something important. All you desire is a sneak peak without going to the web page again and again.


With WebCropXE, drag, select and viola – you have an active widget that can display the game’s scores or even the live video telecast!


Watch Video – How it works

This is the simplest way to have multiple custom widgets you always wanted, all you need is a simple drag and select with the mouse. The list of possibilities is endless with this tool.

Available for Mac and Windows.


Fancy a beautiful CLOCK on a screen It’s just a drag away!clock

Live weather channel on your desktopweather

Favorite Vimeo or youtube video playback while you workvimeo


Get your Stock Market app like window on your desktop.apps

Game’s scores or even
the live video telecast!scores

Drag a small window of
Google Maps on your screen.maps




Drag to crop anything from a webpage to make a widget for your desktop.
The easiest tool for all these and many more.