General Faq’s

Riaxe Systems is centrally located in the beautiful city of Bhubaneswar in Odisha (India). We have 50+ in-house employees and the number exceeds 100 with our partners.
Yes, we do provide after sales support. You can ask for project support after the project is completed for your desired amount of time. The charges will be determined taking many factors into consideration.
Our reputation is our biggest asset. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all our clients. Apart from that, we take strict measures for data security. Our employees too are bound by confidentiality agreements.
As we have mentioned earlier, our reputation is our biggest asset. We have come this far due to our integrity and ethics, and we intend to keep doing so. We are here to establish relationships for life and not just for a project.
Generally we follow these steps:

  • Communicate and understand your requirements
  • Research and Analysis
  • Data gathering and Consulting
  • Framing and Designing
  • Development
  • Testing & QA
  • Deployment
  • Support

We are highly flexible, and are open to discuss methods you are comfortable with.

Yes, ofcourse. Project managers would be assigned to your project depending on the size and scope, we can discuss on it.
Yes, we do so if there is a requirement.
Yes, without any problem.
We follow strict standards to ensure the security and quality of your project. We have specialized people for QA and QC that after every project being processed here. Rigorous testing at all phases is done and we do not release a project to our client until we are satisfied with it.
We have four types pricing models. They are: Fixed model, Time and material, Dedicated Resources and Hybrid Model. All these models are flexible enough to suit your requirements and budget.
We have a project management system through which you can monitor the daily tasks and progress. In this PMS, you can assign tasks and upload/download documents. We are flexible in using other project management systems like Hightask, Unfuddle, Freedcamp etc as per your convenience. Apart from emails, you can also communicate with your hired team via different IMs like Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype, etc.
To name a few – BMW, CitiBank, Quizdom, Millward Insurance, RockCityClub, Cartoon Network. For more details, check our portfolio.
The clients completely own the IP rights including The source code, brand name, reusability of the code etc. is handed over to you after all formalities.

Service Releted Faq’s

Yes, we do make websites which are compatible for smartphones and tablets by using HTML5 and CSS. This kind of design termed as Responsive Web Design and this is our specialty.
We do provide a lot of options when it comes to design. But if you give us proper instructions about your needs, we will definitely make some good designs as per your needs.
It is totally up to you. If you want us to do the hosting for you, then we will definitely provide the service.
Open source is a kind of program in which the user can access and modify the source code. Content Management System (CMS) strategically and systematically maintains the website. The webmaster/owner can access the website himself without any assistance. CMS is always useful when you have got various users in different roles.
The apps which are developed for explicit platforms like Android, iOS or Windows mobiles are called Native apps. These apps are developed by using native SDK platforms and can utilize some particular features like camera, speaker, etc of the device. Whereas web based applications are some virtual pages which run within the web browser of the device. These apps can be used in different mobile devices and platforms.
By using cross platform development you can use a particular app in different platforms like Blackberry, iOS, Android or Windows. For the cross platform development, our developers exploit the frameworks for the main application development then package it as per your preferred mobile platform.
Of course, we do. If you want to do business with us then there is a partnership model for all our clients to follow.
Yes we will help you do so. Some app stores such as Apple’s iTunes demand onetime payment of $99.
We do not have control over this. Still most of the applications that we have developed have been well received in the market. Our marketing team can help out figure out proper ways to earn better.
Yes we can use your graphics and UI if you want, or we can design ourselves as per your requirement.
All our apps are of high quality, bug free and created strictly according to the technical rules and regulations of app stores. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that an app store may not reject your app, but we can assure that it is not because of technical issues. Further our marketing team can help you figure out how to get your app on the app store.
We always make sure that you must get regular updates in every stage at the time of app development. Once the app is all set for testing purpose, we will ask you for the information regarding your device. After that we will send you the app, so that you can test the app on your device constantly before its release.