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The Internet has changed many aspects of society, from business to amusement, from culture to communication and technology, to shopping and travel.

Mobile and e-commerce applications are tools for Internet access and the purchase of products and services. These applications are constantly evolving because of the high rate of technological advancements. With the help of technological growth, this new type of communication has given new methods of increasing eCommerce business.

Technology has enabled businesses to promote and sell their products on new markets, breaking geographical boundaries like never before. When using wireless and internet technologies, consumers have access to a wider product market.

Mobile phones with broad Internet access have enabled businesses to reach customers in a wider variety of ways, ensuring profound market penetration.

The list of apps that to run your eCommerce store effortlessly are

1. Control

Control is an app that helps you manage account right from its dashboard. You do not have to log in to your PayPal or Skrill account every time. With the control app, you can easily dive into each account at any time. You won’t have to enter the username and password each time. Managing your business cash flow and transactions are made much easier by this app. This app is available at both the Apple and Android store.

2. Dropbox

Sharing, storing and synchronizing files has never been so easier till the use of Dropbox app. Now, you can easily view progress and give feedback as soon as you open the app. It also provides access to cloud storage so that you can access your files at any time, anywhere without depending upon your laptop or PC. This app is available at both the Apple and Android store.

3. Dashlane

If you are worried about securing your online business posts, then it is obvious that you have never come across the Dashlane app. I say this is the ultimate guarding app of your online business posts and articles. It helps you set complex passwords for every service you use in your device. Your business and customer’s information is completely secured by using complex passwords, that this Dashlane’s app makes it so easy to do that. If you haven’t used it, give a try, you would love it. This app is available at both the Apple and Android store.

4. Evernote

From making to-do-lists to recording events or random ideas, now you do not require a pen and paper all the time to record such events. Instead, the Evernote app is with you all the time. Running eCommerce business requires you to be alert about your sales all the time. You need to record business progress to customer records, everything is easy with Evernote. This app is available at both the Apple and Android store.

5. Google Apps

The Google Apps include Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Now, you have access to the document, excel sheets and slide presentations, without depending on your laptop or PC. Google Apps are available in the Apple and Android store.

6. HelpScout

The eCommerce store is all about selling products to customers. Customer satisfaction is your ultimate goal. It is not only selling merchandise also dealing with customer queries is a crucial task.

HelpScout is a customer service app on your device to solve any customer queries or inquiries as they come up. This app makes it easy to manage customer emails, responses to the customer in an organized and efficient way.

8. Hushed

One of the simplest yet highly efficient tools for your e-commerce business. Hustled allows you to utilize disposable telephone numbers so you can work your business telephone from your own device without mixing up the two.

Now, you needn’t bother with a different telephone for your business and you can access business calls at whatever location you’re from the workplace. You can get this app from Apple and Android store.

9. MailChimp

Now, accessing emails have become easies with MailChimp app. Now you can check emails whenever you have time so that you can monitor your customers queries or enquires.

10. PayPal

Paypal is the most preferred app by most of the eCommerce sellers since it allows to accept, hold and exchange payments across several different currencies around the world. Download this app from Apple or Android store.

11. Stripe

The strip is another payment app that may be helpful for your eCommerce business. You can access this app from the Control app(previously discussed) to manage your accounts. You may download this app from the Apple or Android store.

11. Shopify

With Shopify app, you can easily access your Shopify store, monitor daily activities without having to log in each time as in computers. You can push notifications and when you get a deal is certainly one of the better notifications you can get on your cell phone. You can get this app in the Apple or Android store.

12. Todoist

This is the place where you can keep and share all of my business lists with your team members. It’s good to have it on the go because you can see to what your team is working on, and you are notified every time a project is finished in real-time. It’s fantastic. Throughout the day, you can monitor productivity and add any tasks you plan into the app.

13. VyprVPN

If you frequently travel or work out of home or office regularly, then this app is a must for you. Vypr is another(discussed above) one of those tools that just work to secure the business information or any confidential data. Now, you do not have to worry who is near you, your business data is all secured by VyprVPN. It has on/off feature to enable or disable security features for your convenience. Moreover, you can get this app in the Apple or Android store.


Finally, you have got several lists of apps to run your eCommerce store effortlessly. However, you may be charged with a minimal price to purchase some of these apps, furthermore, it will always benefit you for the smooth running of eCommerce business.

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