Life at Riaxe

RIAXE is that imaginary world, where our people wake up inspired to go to work.

Riaxe Systems started by two individuals in 2006 in a small room decided to achieve the goal of a will-o’-the-wisp. We are now growing to be one of the leading offshore IT solution providers.

Working here is like a home away from home. The well-being of our business is directly related to the happiness of our employees. As our employees share their comfort zone with each other. So there is a balance of harmony & thrive in our Company.

If you are a drink-smoke-dope-creative-junkie; sit-on-the-table; work-on-the-sofa; yo-I-know-a-way; anybody-wanna-order-pizza type of person, then we would be glad to hear from you and your experience.

Life at Riaxe is different than most IT companies. Being young, we don’t hold any traditional beliefs. We encourage freedom of thought and expression. We continually do exciting new things and one can never get bored at Riaxe. True to our tagline, we believe in Albert Einstein’s famous words: “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

We believe in work and passion. We do not care about the marks you have scored in your exams. Show us what you have done or what you can do.

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Business ethics:

Our ideas of ethics for the organization range from ethical leadership to a mission beyond economic success. Work ethics are nothing but our company’s values that offer a set of guidelines on the mindsets and behaviors which need’s to achieve a unified vision also it forms the core of an excellent work culture, good work ethics is the foundation that lays and dictates how clients will be served and colleagues will be treated in the company going forward.

Customer satisfaction, it helped us to build a good network with clients. As said earlier company holds more than 500+ satisfied customer and is still framing for fresh clients.


As we all know that the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles is integrity. Being human is the most important value of life, as we being who we say we are also it is all about the quality of being complete and our professional’s quality or state of being sound more on principles.

Corporate social responsibility:

A code of conduct and action required beyond laws, regulations and trade rules. We make our employee to be more aware of the impact of the rest of society.

The infrastructure of Our company:

Our office floor has been carved up into many fosters.
Starting with the hallway or in other word Lobby, where our employees relax, meet and share their experience with each other in this way they keep each other motivated.Developing an interactive environment and informal environment is an absolute must for our company work culture. There are many ways in which our environments are cultivated. From having open-office floor plans to a gaming room where employees can gather to blow off some steam, employee engagement can be achieved through various inexpensive means that don’t cost a fortune. leisure room is actually designed to keep our employee active, cheerful, easy going and blithe.As we believe happy employees will lead to happy customers.

Conference room expressly boardroom or office meeting room:

Where people share their knowledge or do their discussion.This room features a flat-screen monitor for projecting materials from a laptop. Bright and airy space perfect for meetings also flexible for everyone to sit comfortably, cause we do not want anyone to feel dreadful while sharing conversant.

Quality and Services:

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved by quality and time to time services also continue to enhance value for our customer.


Our every employee are honest and truthful in all their dealings and they do not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths, selective omissions, or any other means.

A clear vision:

As said by Dr. Willie Jolley, “Without a vision, people perish; but with a vision, people flourish.” our professionals have an excellent foresight and a vision that we believe in. The vision which we create is the beautiful blend of our company’s mission, beliefs, and values. It is something that our employees partake in only then strive to achieve it.

Astringent hiring :

we hire people who believe in our vision, instead of simply recruiting people based on their experience. This is because skills can be taught but passion has to come from within. It is impossible to build a coherent work culture with people who don’t embrace the same values as we do.

Power of execution is nothing but setting the above mentioned principles in motion. For having our vision in place for creating an interactive environment, the more our investors and employees are in sync with one another, the better our execution will be.

Work Stations:

The only way to do a great work is to love what you do in your own place which means a stately home for oneself. Our intention of sketching of work floor is quite different as we immensely confide in some fun with work. Here every employee is allotted with their personal system where they can use music part for refreshment and satisfied with the comfort zone. It is the right place where we have more on learning opportunities, So according to that, we adapt our environment.

Employee working has there flexible working hours with flexible leave policy.

Cafeteria :

Another place which brings employee together. There are two cafeterias in order to make sufficient space for each employee. The food is secondary to the information that is exchanged here. It’s a grand space with seats for each individual.

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Add-on Benefits and Perks:

Family Mediclaim :

Employee health is important to us. We don’t discriminate against people with disabilities or health conditions, but we want to do everything possible to help employees stay healthy as we provide group health insurance to all our employees.

Bonus incentive for Employee:

Our company has set of incentive plans every employees performing hard of corresponding month are rewarded with attractive incentives.

Person of the spirnt:

Every twice in a month employee doing best in every aspect are announced as person of the sprint also they recieve “Person of the Sprint “ Certificate and good amount of payment.

Star Employee:

Employee cracking all the levels and performing unbreakable are honoured with “Star Employee Award”. Our company rewards star employee for outstanding individual performance, as well as their contributions that help us achieve company goals.


We care for each and every employee for their well being so this is the reason we provide gratuity facility to our employee.


It’s a place where other’s imagination is only our limitation and that is the thing which makes us different.