Agile Software Development Services to Create Solutions That Amazes Customers.

From Citibank to Coca Cola, we have had the privilege to work with the who’s who of the world. We have built innumerable solutions on web, desktop and mobile platforms.



Tired of lifeless designs and buggy codes? You need a refreshing team of young professionals who are not just tech savvy but highly creative too. We, at Riaxe promise you the benefits of outsourcing without compromises. Economical and ethical we are, and we believe in karma. We are unique – be it our graphic designers who are artists in truer sense or the marketing team who ooze out – out of the box ideas. From apps, games to concept through hosting till launch, we will be with you at all times to ensure sure success. Go through our detailed services and let us know what we can build for you.

We follow the agile methodologies of software development. We develop and communicate with our clients on bi-weekly, weekly or monthly basis as they desire. We are highly flexible if you prefer a different method and are ready to discuss it with you.

At Riaxe, Variety is the only spice on the menu. We cook solutions for web, desktop and mobile with cross-platform compatibility being an optional seasoning. Creativity is not an added flavor with us; it is the main secret (oops!) ingredient in all our works.