Cross platform Mobile App Development Company

Tired of being trolled with “This app is not compatible with your device” ? Popularity of an app is now more dependent on the number of platforms it works on.

The age of never ending new platforms and devices has dawned upon us. Building and maintaining unique native solutions for every platform is not practically feasible for everyone. Cross platform development aids in reducing the overall cost and it also takes lesser time to design and deploy. Apart from that, plug-ins are easier to add. We build mobile apps using HTML5 for enterprise level and ActionScript for consumer products.Using the right tools, we design and develop cross-platform mobile apps for most devices running on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Before deployment, we package each uniquely to give the native look and feel required for the platform.

We use the following technologies for cross platform mobile app development. Depending upon the project complexity and project type, we suggest the best platform.



crossplatform, html5 development

HTML5 is touted to be the technology that will bring home automation and robotics to our daily lives. The capabilities of HTML5 are greatly enhanced when combined with JavaScript and CSS3, especially for mobile devices. In fact, the availability of HTML5 complaint web browser in all modern mobile operating system is the key to its platform independent nature. iOS, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft all use webkit as their bases. This implies that modern smartphones and tablets support all features of HTML5 straight out of the box.

Developers are so free to use these technologies while making their applications without having to worry whether the device would support a particular function or not.


Adobe AIR – AS3

crossplatform, Adobe AIR, Adobe actionscript


We absolutely love ActionScript and we believe it has the power to give life to any dull web application. Rich Internet Applications made us what we are today, so much so that it is in our name. ActionScript is excellent for cross platform mobile app development as it is feature rich and development time is very fast. We highly recommend Robotlegs architecture. We have also worked on Cairngorm and MVC. For games and entertainment apps, we prefer the Starling framework.



Impact JS

crossplatform, impact js development

Impact is a wonderful cross platform tool. It is an HTML5 game framework which uses today’s modern browser’s canvas elements. Compiling onto a native iOS app is easy and it supports all mobile platforms too.



crossplatform, phonegap development

Adobe PhoneGap is a critically acclaimed cross platform tool. This is a FOSS based tool. It uses HTML and Javascript. It enables programmers to use hardware features like accelerometer, motion sensors, GPS, cameras and more. Adobe also offers integration with native APIs for AIR app development.


Unity 3D

crossplatform, unity 3d development

This cross platform game engine is highly popular and has been used by more than a million developers. It has an asset store too. We have used it to create mobile and web based physics games.



crossplatform, titanium development

Appcelerator Titanium is an open source development environment for creating lovely native apps that is cross compatible with over 5000 mobile hardwares and operating systems. We are well versed on the Titanium API and have created many solutions on Apple and Android mobile platforms.



crossplatform, marmalade development


Marmalade SDK, formerly AirPlay SDK is a popular cross platform tool for developing mobile and web games on iOS, Android, Blackberry and other mobile platforms. We like Marmalade for its write once, run anywhere concept. We are proficient in Marmalade Quick and Marmalade Juice.



crossplatform, sencha touch development

Sencha Touch is an UI framework used to create beautiful interfaces on mobile web. We have used Sencha Touch to create HTML5 mobile applications that work on Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, and give an native app alike experience inside the web browser. It is hardware functionality compatible too.