Software Development Services

Looking for solutions that are built to last? Development is a product of Microsoft and hence most windows based desktop applications can be developed easily and effectively by utilizing it. Our ASP developers are experienced and know how to cope with the current market of desktop application development. Our R&D department is always there to handle all the possible issues and make your applications more user-friendly. Like all the other platforms we have worked on, we have not been shy from getting our hands dirty experimenting on ASP .NET.

We have dug into the length and breadth of Common Language Infrastructure and have tapped the potential of linking .NET with HTML5 to implement responsive designs. By integrating AJAX into .NET, we have reduced the complexities of involving huge lines of codes and allowing independent type of web applications. We offer supreme maintenance services on servers based on MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server versions 2005-12.

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Java Desktop Development


software development, java desktop development

The popularity of Java needs no explanation. In fact the Tiobe Programming Community rates Java as the most popular language. Java is one of the most used programming languages when it comes to software and desktop application development because it is platform independent and very user-friendly. Being a premier in graphic designing, we have excelled in java game development environment too.

Our Java based applications and games are quick to install and easy to run.  We have worked on Java technologies like Servlets, JavaScript, XML,AJAX, Pointbase, Oracle and J2ME developments. We have got quality developers who always try to do something new and innovative as per the software market demands.

We at Riaxe are developing desktop, J2ME applications to run on handheld devices and also secure application models with J2EE applications and designs. If you need software or a desktop application related to Java then hire our enthusiastic developers and cultivate your business to a new high.

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Adobe AIR Development

AIR stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime. It is a cross platform run time system and can be run as both desktop and mobile applications that can also run outside the browser on multiple operating systems. It has been developed by utilization of Flex, Flash, Ajax and HTML. As it can run on all the devices, it should be handled properly at the time of implementation and need some really experienced designers and developers.

Apart from AIR, we provide Actionscript, Flex, Flash and other Adobe services. We have got a number of experienced professionals who can do quality design and development using Adobe AIR for your requirements. Our developers do not rest until they achieve perfection in their work. They extensively research and test at all stages of production so as to ensure that the end products run flawlessly.

We also provide you with our support and maintenance services that will make sure you get a peaceful sleep at night. Contact us for robust, bug free, high quality AIR services.

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software development, adobe AIR development