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We see a world of motion – fluidic and beautiful; and that’s our design mantra. We understand the importance of a rich user interface, after all ‘First impression is the last impression’. In this world of tech, this is the most overlooked aspect. User experiences should be smooth and memorable.

Appearance and usability of the applications are of utmost importance today when it comes to the success rate of an application. A shabbily designed webpage never works, nor does a wonderfully designed one that takes ages to load.

This is where Riaxe Systems gives you the edge – unlike traditional geeky IT guys, we are highly innovative and creative.

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Web Design

Our designers are artists in truer sense. From simple Dreamweaver/Photoshop – HTML conversions to complex total website revamps, we have solutio#458AC9ns suited for you. We are adept in the latest front end technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery. We understand the importance of emerging varied platforms like mobiles, tablets and all those of the post PC era.

Hence we highly recommend Responsive Web Design which makes sure your web content is scaled perfectly according to the device’s resolution. If you are viewing this page on a desktop browser, try making your browser window smaller. The images and content column will shrink and fit perfectly to the desired screen size. This is currently trending and Mashable called 2013 the year of Responsive Web Design.

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Graphics & Animation

Animation’s reach is extending beyond the usual things. Apart from television videos and commercials, businesses too are using flash based animation for making sales presentations, product demos and distributing information. Our design team has experts on graphics and vector illustrations. We promise intricate level of work resulting in high resolution end products. We understand the popularity of game apps. Our game user interface designs are unique and state of the art. All the Asset designs of your gaming needs can be taken care of by us. We can create beautiful comic book designs and other print identities. Contact us and let us take through a journey of unseen visualizations.

Fancy a little jazz or love clean lines of a minimalistic design – worry not, we cater to all genres.

We can evaluate outdated stuff like old admin interface design and upgrade your existing systems’ user interfaces so that you can have an old wine in new bottle experience. We optimize your requirements based on latest UI/UX developments like social media interactivity and touch and gesture interfaces. Contact us and let us help you see a beautiful change.

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