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AngularJS Development

Web developers’ newest love is Angular JS development, and we believe this is going to last long. Angular JS has been developed and maintained by Google. It brings out a new level of possibilities from JavaScript. This undoubtedly is one of Google’s highly succesful products. The popularity is mainly attributed to its rather intelligent behaviour with brilliant dynamic views and modular code reusuabilty. Traditional HTML was never suited to dynamic views, Angular JS overcomes all that in style. This powerful tool is one of the most loved frameworks by our developers. Coding is very efficient in this, that is the lack of repetitive work means lower developer time. This leads to better turn around time.

We understand and have worked on the unique features of Angular JS development. The two-way data binding makes it possible to write much lesser codes. The way it handles template vocablaries, or the view model design – we have done it all. Dependency injection and Directives that allows it to create customized HTML tags are yet another wonders of Angular JS. Contact us today if you need to hire Angular JS developer for reliable efficient web or mobile apps. We are confident you will not be disappointed. We offer dedicated team or individual developers as per your need.

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Adobe Flex Development

Adobe Flex, now known as Apache Flex is a popular software development kit for creating cross platform rich internet applications – and ‘Rich Internet Applications’ is in the name of RIAXE Systems. We have grown with Flex, and we simply love it. We have created numerous web and mobile applications using it. Our flex developers are well versed in ActionScript. We also have considerable experience using BlazeDS, the opensource alternative with limited features in developing numerous remote and messaging technologies.

Apart from RIA, we use flex to work on CRM systems, E – Learning systems, Document Management systems, Mobile apps, Seamless integration with MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PHP, ASP.Net, JAVA, XML, Audio-Video players, Widgets, Real time a/v streaming applications and other publishing and printing solutions.

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ASP.NET Application Development

Web development, asp.net application development

Riaxe Systems has been offering offshore ASP .NET Development services since the last decade. We have years of experience in building dynamic, robust and scalable web solutions. Like all the other platforms we have worked on, we have not been shy from getting our hands dirty experimenting on ASP .NET.

We have dug into the length and breadth of Common Language Infrastructure and have tapped the potential of linking .NET with HTML5 to implement responsive designs. By integrating AJAX into .NET, we have reduced the complexities of involving huge lines of codes and allowing independent window in window type of web applications.

We offer maintenance services on servers based on MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server versions 2005-12.

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ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion is Riaxe’s forte in Web Development. We believe ColdFusion development is an art and can be perfected only by a few, and we have. We work on most popular frameworks like FW/1, Fusebox, Coldbox, Mach II, Model Glue, Far Cry and ColdFusion on Wheels.

We did a travel portal for a French company using the classic FuseBox. We have used ColdBox for an enterprise level application. We have also created small apps using FW1. We have the privilege of working with the legendary Millward Insurance Agency. Integrating with Flex and AIR, we have created remote applications. We have also worked on other e-learning, healthcare, gaming, finance and e-commerce domains. We have worked with ColdFusion MX 7,8,9 and 10 versions. Linking databases like MySQL, Oracle is easy. If the royalty attached to Adobe ColdFusion a problem for you, we suggest Railo – an opensource CFML with few limitations.

Web development, coldfusion development



HTML5 Development

Web development, html5 development

Riaxe Systems has been an avant-garde in HTML5 Development in India. We have built the world’s first HTML5 T-Shirt Designer application. CSS3 and a series of JavaScript APIs have ensured mobile apps and websites with the same functionality, performance and experience of desktop ones. Backed by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Facebook, IBM, HP, Adobe, HTML5 is changing the web scenario.

Being cross platform, it is easy to package onto most devices without having to bother about patches and updates for the right version. Cloud computing, Responsive design, GPU utilization for web apps are a few other possibilities. Games designed on HTML5 are a class apart from its predecessors and our own product, FishBall is a bright example of that.

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Java Development

Be it Java in the cloud, Java embedded, Java mobile or Java enterprise, we have done it. Being a premier in graphic designing, we have excelled in java game development environment too. We have worked on Java technologies like Servlets, JavaScript, XML,AJAX, Pointbase, Oracle and J2ME developments.

Being a team of young enthusiastic individuals, we make sure our solutions are better than industry standards. Our highly skilled java developers do not rest until they achieve perfection in their work. They extensively research and test at all stages of production so as to ensure that the end products run flawlessly.

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PHP Development

Web development, PHP development

The fact that PHP is being used in nearly 250 million websites and over 2 million web servers is proof enough of its popularity. Being open source, we have always used our experience and courage to experiment new and better ways on it. From simple websites to rich applications, we have done all types of customized PHP solutions.

We have worked on popular PHP frameworks like Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Prado etc. We also have Zend certified engineers. Our clients for PHP include BMW NL (Automobile), RCC Club (Social Media), Spadebook (Gaming) and CCEE.org (Non-profit). We have also worked on various other industries like healthcare, real estate, media etc.

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