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If you set up live chat support on your website, your sales will increase by four to eight times as before. Live chat is still new to most eCommerce businesses as many online retailers have not understood how significant is live chat support for increasing sales.

In a study conducted by “ Drift” is was found that 15% of websites offer live chat on their website. You can increase leads to improve sales by introducing live chat support to your eCommerce business.

01. Importance of live chat support:

  1. Enhances customer satisfaction.
  2. Live chat led all other channels like voice chat, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, in customer satisfaction at 92%.
  3. It helps your customers get responses quickly–something that is particularly important serving a technical audience. 
  4. Live Chat plays a vital role by increasing capacity to deliver beyond the normal customer service channel either by voice or text chat.
  5. It is not by just answering, but more than that. Good customer service through live chat is all about the connection between your company and the customer that brings a trustability factor. 
  6. Your score for customer satisfaction is directly linked to how well you build those relationships. 
  7. Live chat is a powerful instrument for linking the connection between the company and the customer.
  8. About 65% of youngsters prefer being answered by chat support over traditional customer support channels.
  9. At least 20% of the youngsters prefer live chat citing convenience and limited hold time as their top reasons for using live chat.

02. Respond to customers faster to get more leads:

You can increase leads ten times as before, by answering and most importantly, engaging your customers through live chat.

03. Serve the customer when you are busy with other work:

You and your team are not robots, you cannot ignore sleeping, eating, etc. Moreover, your team also has certain other limitations such as work hours, family obligations, etc.

Chatbots can assist you to deliver your answers within 5 minutes and can also guide your customers to the correct department or merely answering them when you don’t stand before your computer.

You can now create a workflow with this new generation of the chatbot to help your customers with their queries. You or anyone in your team then can take the lead without the risk of losing a potential lead if you are not accessible at that moment.

Use these bots to engage with customers and offer first-level support to their most common problems.

04. Increase trust among customers:

Trust is an important factor to initiate a transaction. Building trust on your website is a crucial factor and live chat can help.

You can also boost your average order value by 10% and also improve your conversion rate by 40% with increasing customer relations through live chat. It also helps to dismiss objections based on the behavior of the user.

Some of the websites that use customer live chat are:

    • Crisp
    • Satisfyrunning
    • Kiteboarding
    • Hokaran

05. Prevent cart Abandonment through customer live chat:

Cart abandonment rate is a huge problem for eCommerce sellers as businesses experience an average of 69.57% online shopping cart abandonment rate.

The multiple reasons for cart abandonment are:

  • Overlooking the product with no buying intention
  • Unexpected product cost, especially too high as expected
  • Customers find a better price elsewhere

In addition to these reasons, other studies show that 54% of the online shoppers lack human interaction and lack the trustability factor with the online stores, and prefer abandoning the shopping cart.

As discussed before, the live chat facilitates seller and customer interaction. Live chat support is the best customer service to change the issue-based support to the human-centric one.

Moreover, cart abandonment has a negative impact on your eCommerce sales and there is something serious that repels your customer, maybe you should initiate live-chat facility.

06. How can live-chat help you fight cart abandonment?

  • Focussing undecided customers:

It is a tough task for every eCommerce seller to bring the customer to the checkout option. Using Google Analytics, you can spot out how long a customer takes to finish a purchase. In case of delay, you can set up a live chat with the customer and intercept the buyer to prevent cart abandonment.

  • Engage customers who reach the “Add To Cart” option:

By setting up a live chat with the customer, you could start a conversation and engage the user to finish their checkout process.

Nowadays, using Javascript SDK has become common amongst live chat support software. By using these solutions, you can engage with your customers by not only using live chat but by combining live chat and drip campaigns(repeated sending of market information to customers for a longer period of time).

Nowadays, live chat offers more than just live chat such as inboxes, drip campaigns, chatbots and so on.

  • Know about visitor behavior:

You can easily see which page is the most intriguing to your customers by merely tracking the number of enabled triggers. You can also begin generating user feedback depending on your interactions by allowing live chat popups.

  • Boost user experience:

Responsiveness is one of the core aspects of online assistance in living chat. As you might have seen, efficiencies are an essential success factor. It can be a big gain for you and your customers to automate the first message at the right time.

In the modern live chat support system, you can insert videos, images, links or YouTube Live.

There are many other ways to interact with your customers if you are looking for innovative ways. In the first place, you could offer them a coffee instead of the item in your inventory recent item. Everything is about constructing a dialogue with the customer.


Finally, you can understand how powerful is live chat support, that can even double your sales for your eCommerce store within a short time period.

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