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Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing method in which a publisher promotes a business through an advertisement on its website and leads to the affiliate being rewarded with the commission each time a visitor generate sales. Affiliate marketing defined as a marketing performance and associate marketing. Affiliate marketing includes 3 parties:- Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer.

Advertisers can sell online goods from any business, such as electronics, books, apparel, and air tickets, or insurance firms can sell policies, etc. Publisher implies who encourages the goods or services of advertisers via their website or blog. The consumer is the king and very prominent part of this process, attracting the advertisement and then acting (clicking) from the internet of the publisher.

How You Can Start Your Own Affiliate Program for Your Ecommerce Store?


  1. The commission is the key component of any advertising campaign. It is the main driving force that motivates the affiliates to promote your brand.
  2. Be tactical with the commission and offer higher rewards to affiliates based on their business model.
  3. Offer short-term increases to spike sales at key periods. Every item you sell should be commissionable, even if it’s at a lower rate.

Build a strategy:

  1. Affiliate models are diverse, consider each individually, and work with your affiliate network to develop a continuous strategy to give them what they need.
  2. Run customized promotions with Coupon Affiliates, provide content to your Content Affiliates, provide your price comparison partners with precise and tidy product feed, schedule promotions with Cashback and Loyalty Partners, leverage seasonal activities, etc.

Analyze everything:

  1. Track your affiliates in real-time and give them maximum visibility about what they sell. You can make content accordingly if you know which products you sell the most.
  2. Get reports on products your customers are mostly shopping on, know the promo codes that have been successful. Overall, review which creatives worked and which didn’t.
  3. Understand which affiliates are generating sales and why. Always track your sales, to know your business growth.

Creative promotions:

Banners are not the most effective form of affiliate advertising but still, they help, especially with the key promotions. Understand the popular sizes that your affiliates need and provide them in advance.

Always be alert:

  1. There should always be an efficient affiliate marketing campaign in the industry. You ask affiliates, as an advertiser, to write content about your eCommerce store and/or goods.
  2. They are much more likely to work to support you when they are confident that they will continue to be rewarded for this effort after developing that content.
  3. This also implies that you have a limitless budget, so consider your affiliate marketing expenditure as a price of sales rather than a traditional marketing budget. You should get various bucks back in exchange for every dollar you spend on affiliate marketing.

Connect to affiliates:

  1. They won’t know how best to promote your brand if you don’t speak to your affiliates. Provide your and important posts distinctive thoughts for selling.
  2. Give them advance sales notice and current value to encourage customers to download your app or shop through their mobile phone.
  3. Create a plan once again for every objective you want to accomplish and monitor output.
  4. It will assist with achievement by offering affiliates an appealing reward for promoting certain customer behavior.

Be responsive:

Affiliate marketing is a team effort between the advertiser, the network and affiliates. The entire process requires you to have constant attention and input work effectively. You just can’t set up and forget like any marketing campaign, then expect excellent outcomes and development.

PPC Affiliates:

  1. A PPC (pay-per-click) affiliate is a search expert who drives traffic to the site of an advertiser through a custom-built landing page bidding on appropriate keywords. Generally speaking, they operate on a CPA basis but sometimes involve in hybrid trade agreements.
  2. The key to a successful trial with a PPC Affiliate is to set up strict guidelines which help ensure affiliates are compliant.

Retargetting affiliates:

  1. Affiliates retarget most often by placing tags on the advertiser’s website and trying to re-engage with customers who have not finished their purchase.
  2. This could be either through an interface when a consumer is about to leave a website, trying to persuade them to stay or by email, if they have left their shopping cart, making it easy for them to return and complete their purchase.
  3. It is better than the advertiser has complete traffic source control and choices for targeting, testing distinct creative messages and not relying too much on incentives.

Accept and be the change:

The affiliate space is constantly changing, new possibilities and obstacles to what worked last year are always present. Keep learning, keep analyzing what your affiliates are doing for you, and continue to trial new methods through the channel to generate profits.

Avoid affiliate malpractices:

  1. Usually, it is found that affiliate may try to generate sales fraudulently by offering customers with a cashback and loyalty sites will try to exploit these customers.
  2. It will be easier to monitor these malpractices with tight program rules and vigilant monitoring to identify this activity and avoid paying for these sales.
  3. You should have very clear rules about how your brand is to be advertised.
  4. Check everything that looks odd with your Affiliate Network so that you understand what is actually happening and the value of that activity.
  5. Emphasizing particularly on cashback and loyalty sites: Don’t pay for large sales that could be later canceled.
  6. Do not pay more commission than required by the customer to qualify for the commission


Finally, build a plan to start your affiliate program that may increase sales for your eCommerce store. Moreover, follow the above rules that may help you in building your own affiliate program.

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