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Better internet services, transportation, and logistic solutions have led to an easier e-commerce experience to the extent that e-commerce retail sales are expected to reach up to $4,058 billion by 2020. This is nearly three times the growth than in 2015 and accounts for 14.6 percent of all consumer retail expenditure.

Furthermore, there is an increase of 25% in the global sales each year out of which eCommerce sales account for 12% of the total sales as of the year 2018, which is expected to increase to 17.5 % by 2021.

If you’re going to set up an e-commerce store, it’s never too late to join.

#Reason 1. Why WordPress is the best place for you to start an eCommerce store?

WordPress is the biggest and most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. It is used by the most renowned and powerful sites from the top brands like the New York Times, Bloomberg Professional, Microsoft News, Facebook Newsroom, Sony Music and a lot more.

As of the year 2019, WordPress has over 34% of all websites on the internet.

The biggest reason everybody loves using WordPress is, it is free. WordPress is an open-source that means you can download, and alter its initial source code free of charge. You just have to download the software and obtain a web host to build an e-commerce shop.

If you worry that WordPress does not ensure security as people can alter its source code, then you are wrong. A team of developers manage WordPress who keep updating the software to ensure it is safe. The associated WordPress developers are fast enough to call out any questionable coding methods they discover in themes or plugins.

Another excellent thing about WordPress is that it gives you plenty of customization freedom. WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins for use, so you’ve got a lot of options about how you want your site to look or work.

#Reason 2. Why WordPress, not others!

  • Easy Setup of Website:

You can upload and run your e-commerce site in less than an hour because all you need to do is sign up for an account. It can take a little longer with WordPress to start since you have to set up web hosting, install WordPress downloading and configuring an eCommerce plugin (plugins add special features to your WordPress website like the capacity to sell products and service via your website).

  • WordPress is Easy to Use:

WordPress is easy to use, what the people love about it. It’s simple to understand, however, at times WordPress can be a daunting task to learn for people with no technical background. Moreover, using Shopify, big Commer or Woocomerce, can be a hand-holding to manage your work.

  • Great Customization options:

You can customize your website in different ways but mostly limited to some features if you are using free or the base plan. You are likely to pay an extra amount to get the premium features by availing premium, business & eCommerce plans.

If you are happy with the basic features,  managed solutions may be enough for you. But if you want to avail of total features, you need to subscribe to the paid versions.

#Reason 3. WordPress provides freedom to manage eCommerce stores:

In many of the e-commerce platforms, you have to follow certain features and rules. If you do not abide by these rules, then your account is likely to be blocked or revoked.

With WordPress, you own your website, the rules and regulations do not restrict you, unlike others where you entirely depend upon the parent/main site.

For instance, Bigcommerce has introduced a “headless commerce solution” that provides flexibility to manage and build a website on the WordPress platform.

#Reason 4. WordPress has SEO and Readability check plugin:

Although the SAAS enabled sites such as Shopify or Woocommerce can offer you area to create a blog but for building your site with WordPress can help take your content marketing efforts to the next level, with a codebase built on solid SEO and Readability practices.

#Reason 5. WordPress Ecommerce websites are cheaper:

In most of the SAAS based platforms, besides transaction charges, you are required to pay an additional amount per transaction or sale that may go high upto 10% fee per transaction. The SAAS based platforms charge the additional cess besides monthly fee, that makes shop owners raise their prices to earn a decent profit, in turn, lose their edge with the competitors.

However, this is not in the case of WordPress. It won’t charge you with any extra amount as stated above. Moreover, if you consider preferring payment gateway, you are charged with a nominal fee for the transaction.

#Reason 6. Security Options for WordPress:

Any website can benefit from basic security features, but when it comes of an eCommerce website, then you need to have more extensive solutions for it.

An e-commerce store contains some of the confidential information like personal user data and the records of financial transactions that information must be well-protected.

Hence, WordPress has gone through many security updates and has a large number of dedicated developers, perfecting it. So, you should not doubt the software which is now incredibly secure.

In addition, the development team is continuing to concentrate on new ways to enhance the safety characteristics of WordPress to make sure it is secure for the future as well.

While WordPress is very safe, you should definitely do more to increase safety. Fortunately, the community of WordPress has created almost anything you might want to ensure the security of your website and personal information for your customers:

  • Security Plugins:

Some of the WordPress plugins like Wordfence Security and Sucuri Security ensure that your site’s robust security against cyber threats.

  • Official updates:

The developer team of WordPress releases major and minor updates frequently, of which many focus on security.

  • Site activity trackers:

The Activity Log plugin of WordPress lets you track user activity and changes made to your site, and by whom.


Building an E-commerce website is the most important step to enter the vast online marketplace. You want the website to be attractive and professional that entices a customer to purchase for your store. All you require is a launching pad for your online store, and WordPress is the best place to start with.

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