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We Serve
  • Insurance

    When it comes to web development for insurance companies we focus on data security, information delivery, user experience; for us it is of paramount importance.

  • Ecommerce

    Developing full-fledged ecommerce website takes experience, creativity and patience. Which is why, we have the luxury of working on nearly all ecommerce platforms.

  • Mobility

    Create Mobile app once and make it work on multiple OS with cross-platform mobile apps services from Riaxe. Save time and money to focus on other business aspects.

  • Cloude

    We provide a comprehensive services from web development to cloud computing. We provide scalable and expandable services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and more.

  • Print

    We are one of the market leaders in print industry. We are known for our pioneering web-to-print solution inkXE designed specifically for print shops.

  • Elearning

    One of our greatest strength is in eLearning where we have created portals to deliver information to online learners, by making content intuitive and engaging to learn.

  • Creative

    Thoughtful and effective creative graphic design services for industries of all sizes including logo design, banner design, brochure design, and more.

  • Riaxe is a partner to 500+ global customer for managing complex industry-specific process and delivering solutions the agile way.

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A snapshot of our solutions, technologies and industries.

web to print solution riaxe
wezteach riaxe customer
wezteach riaxe customer
wezteach riaxe customer
wezteach riaxe customer
wezteach riaxe customer

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“Hi, my name is Wade . I am located in Highland, Utah.
We have been using Riaxe for over an year now for custom client management system, Its a custom software application that we created several years ago. We have been constantly enhancing it, we use riaxe for that. we have one programmer that works for us full time, And he does fantastic job. Whenever i ask for diffrent projects, diffrent tasks, I give him a layouts, he goes through it! He asks me the questions that he has, he asks for if he needs anything. He goes in there, gets the job done in our dev site. Checks the backend, make sure if there is no issues within and then he upload in our live site.

____ Wade

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